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A feminine essence of strength, vulnerability and quest for truth are evident in abstract artist Barbara Leiner’s work.

Inspired by life’s landscapes, a gesture, or a line, Leiner’s explorations pave the way for energetic color experimentation while layering creates areas of rest.

Barbara’s elegant and sometimes chaotic lines dance cohesively together developing a strong series of work appealing to the collector.

Her luscious use of texture and color create vibrancy and intrigue throughout the canvas encouraging the viewer to linger and explore.
Barbara Leiner


Life’s landscapes are the thread of my work, life and art coexist for me. Stretching my canvas begins my journey. I leave myself the freedom to go in any direction. The conversation begins with line; color and texture follow. I like to build and create lines and textures that compliment and challenge each other. I have always thrived on a push-pull energy, which keeps me alive and engaged in my work. I create, destroy and rebuild. Along the process I take the time to sit and observe, letting the work speak to me. Integrity and honesty in the creative process always foremost.


Barbara Leiner

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